White Hawk Guitars


All White Hawk Guitars are individually designed and optioned. Those displayed here are just an example of instruments that have been built.

White Hawk Tyrant

The White Hawk is a precision instrument. It is handmade from scratch utilizing high quality, instrument-grade Australian timbers and a selection of top-end hardware and electronic components.

The White Hawk has evolved from a mixed heritage. It has come from a melting pot of ideas and discoveries arising from in depth exposure to the problems that a repair service has to face daily. It is the expression of a creative perspective on life, coupled with a good dose of what is reliable and practical.

White Hawk Guitars exhibit a stunning beauty in their design and finish but the real heart of the instrument is the “no-bull”, working class approach to the build. Each instrument uses quality components, practical design, traditional and proven building techniques with a simple but strong and durable structure. This produces an exceptional and personal instrument designed to accompany its owner on a lifetime of musical adventures.

There is a large choice of instruments available on the market today created by computers and mass produced. The White Hawk is a product for the discerning musician who appreciates raw timber and “raw skill”.  It is a handmade instrument that undertakes a journey from the saw mill to the showroom in the hands of one man. It is “from the shed” not “off the shelf”. White Hawk Guitars are designed and built in Australia for players who seek a high quality instrument that is uniquely their own.

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