About Us

Glasshouse Guitar Works is a guitar, bass and stringed instrument repair and building service that is based within the beautiful Glass House Mountains area of South Eastern Queensland.

The business is owned and operated by Gavin Davidson, a passionate and dedicated instrument repairer and builder. Gavin is a family man who possesses a talent and a passion for stringed instruments. He has a great love for building guitars that people will enjoy owning and playing, as well as transforming troublesome instruments into tools that allow people to express their inner selves through music.

Several years ago Gavin decided to build his first guitar. That guitar set in motion an intensive quest for quality and a commitment to learning the art of Lutherie. The result is evident in the quality of both his repairs and the White Hawk guitars that he builds today.

Gavin earned his stripes dedicating endless hours to his craft – repairing, restoring and delving into the darkest corners of instruments to understand how they tick, the characteristics and idiosyncrasies that each instrument exhibits and the wonderful symbiosis between timber and tension which is the heart and soul of a stringed instrument.